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Impressive Health Benefits of Saffron

Discover the benefits of the “Golden Spice” today!

Promoting Good Sleep

Saffron contains mild relaxing properties that help with improvements in insomnia and sleep quality.

Promotes a Calm and Relaxed Mood

Did you know that multiple studies have found that Saffron is effective for relaxtion, calmness and emotional balance?

The Most Natural Way to Relieve Menstrual Cramps

Not only does safforn help with cramps but also helps treat other PMS symptoms during periods such as irritability, headaches, cravings, and anxiety.

Reducing Hunger and Appetite

According to research, saffron helps with suppressing hunger for weight loss.

Real People. Real Results.

I bought a 5g tin of saffron and then decided to send it to my daughter who has trouble with her 8yo getting to sleep.

This is on her Facebook feed today. “Update on Saffron milk drink for “Miss A”. Last night was asleep by 930pm. Put to many threads in. And she didn’t like the taste.

Tonight I put 5 threads in her milk and she was asleep by 930pm. Im so hoping this is going to continue. Yay for little Red stigmas.”

Amazing.. astounding.. I ordered another for myself. thanks again.


This is a much healthier and cheaper option than harmful pharmaceuticals. Plus supporting Aussie business.

I discovered Saffron tea via Saffron Market on a Facebook pop up ad a few months ago. I wish I discovered it sooner.

I have always had huge hormonal and emotional shifts during my monthly cycle with bad cramps. Since taking the saffron tea bag just before & during my cycle, my bad symptoms have gone. I also sleep much better & deeper everytime I take it.

My ability to deal with stress had improved since drinking this tea. I love the taste and smell too. Its looks pretty with the saffron & rose colours when brewing. Thank you Saffron Market.


I ordered the 5 gram tin a few weeks back. It arrived very quickly and was packaged really thoroughly.

So far I have used it to make Saffron rice a coupe of times and In a few curries too. This is sooooo much better than any other saffron, I have ever used.

I’ve been a Chef for 25 years and have never come across such good quality Saffron threads before.


I have purchased your product previously and it is awesome! It truly is premium quality and your prices are unbeatable. Originally I just cooked with it but have recently been adding it to an herbal tea mix and it’s delicious.

I’m sure I sleep better after drinking the tea. I also purchased some of your rose petals for tea and cake decoration and they are beautiful.

The saffron is an amazing dark, rich colour. Better than any I have seen before and better than it appears in this picture. I just love it and enjoy finding new recipes to use it in.


This is my new best tea. It’s lovely to drink anytime but night time especially as I sleep better now. This company is Australian. Their prices are reasonable, delivery was fast and I will definitely buy from them again.


Ordered twice already. Love it as a tea replacement. Was a coffee junkie but body does not like the caffeine so ditched tea and coffee finding a nice non caffeine aged solution was hard until I found saffron.


I bought my first 2 jars over 2 months ago & have seen a great improvement in my digestive system. I am delighted it has done everything it says it can do. I now have normal regular bowel movement as well. So, I think I’m worth it. I am so grateful.


My 50g order arrived within days! Quality is great and the colour of the golden yellow brew so beautiful. I added the rose buds and my husband and son enjoy them too. We make a pot now.


Just ordered some. Definitely cheaper than WoolWorths and fresher !


Received my order yesterday. Such a beautiful presentation tin and the saffron looks and smells divine. Can’t wait to use it.


I sleep better and my blood pressure getting better after 2 weeks had drinking saffron tea.

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Begin Your Journey to Health with Natural Food

Our saffron comes directly from the most passionate saffron farmers where their farms in the mountain have a unique soil and climate. They produce saffron unlike anywhere else. This makes Persian saffron supreme.

Our Saffron has helped over 20,000 people feel fantastic again.