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Reduce stress and anxiety

Maximise sleep quality

Lowering blood pressure and cholesterol levels

Aiding digestion with the magic of Saffron

What is Saffron?

Learn more about Saffron, The magic spice we need to be eating more of. The [...]

How to Make Saffron Tea?

A question I’ve often been asked here is “How can I make pure saffron tea?”. [...]

How to Brew Saffron?

My friends often point out that saffron is too expensive when I recommend using it. [...]

Basmati Saffron Rice

As a Mediterranean, basmati saffron rice is a staple in our diet. We have rice [...]

Crunchy Saffron Rice with Potato

Get ready to have another recipe of saffron rice. If you’re a stranger to the magical [...]

Saffron Chicken Kebab

Saffron Chicken Kebab is an exquisite dish that traces its roots to the aromatic kitchens [...]


4.8/5 Star Facebook Reviews

Grace Dooley
Grace Dooley
Verified ownerVerified owner

I bought the 2 grams, much better than a few strands for $14 from Woolies and obviously so much fresher.

4 months ago

Just wanted to give a positive feedback. I recently got my parcel of Saffron and I ordered the rose tea with it as well and tried it. It was Soo lovely. It is my first time trying. Next time I will try it with Milk and honey like U suggest. Thank you for your product. I sent some to my dad overseas as well

2 years ago
Sigrid Wilson
Sigrid Wilson

I bought my first 2 jars over 2 months ago & have seen a great improvement in my digestive system.
I am delighted it has done everything it says it can do.
I now have normal regular bowel movement as well.
I have a rare very painful disease called dercums disease. I have now been able to stop taking endone.
It took a couple of weeks to kick in, but i have been taking it every day since i bought my 2 jars of 50gr.
I am an aged pensioner & will be 74 in June.
Its the first thing that has truly helped me. Although its expensive, it lasts a good 3 months.
So, i think i'm worth it ....
I haven't had a normal tummy for many years.
I am so grateful.
Thanks to the Gov. Giving us $750 extra, i can now afford to buy another 2 jars!
Thank you.
I found you on the fb market sale page.

4 years ago

Coffee Replacement

I was a coffee junkie but my body does not like the caffeine so I found saffron tea as a replacement.

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