About Saffron Market

Saffron Market has a passion for Saffron; its history, culture and health benefits. Our focus is on supplying premium saffron that is unique in the market.

About Saffron Market

Faren – Director / Founder

I’m Faren, and ever since I was a child in Persia, my mother taught me to cook authentic Persian dishes. From these childhood beginnings, I grew to be the passionate cook I am today, constantly experimenting with saffron and creating my very own recipes.

Saffron, the king of Persian seasoning, is venerated by many cultures and people, but especially by Persians. For us, a dish without saffron is considered low quality and tasteless, so it is for this reason saffron is used throughout Persian cuisine – even in ice-cream!

When I moved to Australia as a new immigrant, I felt that Australian food lovers were missing out on this jewel of Persian spices, so I took it upon myself to promote Persian saffron in my new homeland.

I searched all over Persia to find the most passionate saffron farmers to make the best of Persian saffron available to chefs and food lovers across the world. Our saffron comes directly from Persian farms where a unique blend of soil, topography, and climate produces saffron unlike anywhere else. This makes Persian saffron supreme.

I am very excited that I can provide the purest and best saffron to a wide variety of people irrespective of national boundaries, yet united by common language of food. Supplying the highest grade saffron is especially satisfying for me because I have the chance to introduce Persia’s famous spice to your cooking, directly from the hands of dedicated farmers.

About Saffron Market

Amir – Marketing / Customer Service 

Amir and Faren are a dynamic duo with a passion for health and wellness. Amir has been working with Saffron Market clients from beginning and has developed an insight into what leads to a successful business. It’s the most amazing feeling for Amir to see our customer’s results, hear their feedback and know you had a part to play in all of that. Our customers constantly inspire us.

Amir has a passion for nourishing his body and promotes the importance of a healthy lifestyle. I Faren and Amir’s combined personal passions and shared life goal of promoting health and wellbeing lead to Saffron Market that makes ethical products.

We decided right at the beginning of the business that we would use only the healthiest, highest-quality Saffron and ingredients for our wholefoods products and that all marketing money would be spent to refine the products and promote the original pure Saffron.