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About Us

Saffron Market has a passion for Saffron. Our focus is on supplying premium saffron that is unique in the market.

We started by carefully choosing, preparing, and delivering the best saffron from famous crocus fields known for good stuff. As time went on, we got better at what we do and started to offer our services to different kinds of customers, like supermarkets, restaurants, gourmet food shops, drug companies, and others.

Our products are packaged with love and care

Our saffron products are packed with a lot of attention and affection. Every strand of saffron is handled gently and given the utmost care to ensure that what reaches you is not just a spice, but a little bundle of joy. We believe the love we put into our packaging process helps to bring out the best flavours and aromas in your cooking, making every meal special.

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Lasting Freshness: Our Premium Saffron Packaging

Our saffron comes in special packaging that keeps it fresh for a long time. It’s designed to protect the saffron from light and air, making sure each strand stays as flavorful and aromatic as the day it was picked. With our packaging, you’re guaranteed top-quality saffron every time you use it.

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Faren – Director / Founder

I’m Faren, and ever since I was a child, my mother taught me to cook authentic dishes. From these childhood beginnings, I grew to be the passionate cook I am today, constantly experimenting with saffron and creating my very own recipes.

Saffron, the king of seasoning, is venerated by many cultures and people. For me, a dish without saffron is considered low quality and tasteless.

I am very excited that I can provide the purest and best saffron to a wide variety of people irrespective of national boundaries, yet united by common language of food. Supplying the highest grade saffron is especially satisfying for me because I have the chance to introduce the famous spice to your cooking, directly from the hands of dedicated farmers.