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Interesting Saffron Facts

Saffron (Crocus sativus L.) is known as a king of spices, that has been around since 5000 years ago in ancient Mesopotamia. His name was mentioned in the Bible. It has a unique aroma that determines the characteristic taste of traditional Spanish paella, Italian risotto, lamb and chicken dishes, French fish soup, Indian sweet sauces, […]

Brighter Skin with Saffron

Saffron, derived from Crocus sativus is considered as a magic spice by many, for its innumerable beneficial properties. Saffron, containing more than 150 volatile and aroma-yielding compounds, is also a rich source of anti-oxidants. With its anti-oxidant properties, saffron is regarded highly for its skin healing and skin repairing properties. This article deals with the […]

Saffron Alzheimer’s and Cognitive Memory Improvement

How saffron effects one’s memory? Multiple studies have come to the conclusion that saffron helps with memory and recall capacity which is just another health benefit of this wonder spice. These specific memory related benefits are because of an element found in saffron called Crocin. With this research, scientists are confident that saffron would be […]