QMS and HACCP Certifications

Saffron Market Quality control system has a team of dedicated experts in saffron quality production and process as part of sorting units, testing, packaging and exporting saffron to performing and executing a quality management system in the lead Standard ISO 9001:2015 and system of analyses and critical Point of controlling of HACCP.



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Our aim in quality, originality and organic process of saffron are as follows:

  1. Importing and introducing high quality, no additive, colouring, preservative, 100% Natural Saffron to our customer.
  2. Continuous improvement of quality and traditional process of saffron for our customers.

  3. Import of high quality, exceeding all national and international standards. We Guarantee Clean room preparation process for 100% quality satisfaction.

Our Quality management system will support, Protect and maintain the above mentioned policy. All Saffron Market management and staff are working hard to make sure the quality of our saffron is high and above the all procedures and standards. Our quality management team make sure that you will receive the very best of world Saffron from Saffron Market.


Production Line

When raw materials were controlled and monitored at the QC Department of the company, then, they are entered packing stages of the company as follows:

  • Sorting: Staff and personnel, working at Sorting Department of the company, embark on sorting inlet saffron accurately and precisely. Sorting includes separating and/or taking out all external particles and remainders of flower.
  • Weighing: After sorting operation, saffron is forwarded and/or transferred to the Weighing Department. At this stage, staff and personnel, working in Weighing Department, embark on weighing saffron with precise and calibrated scales based on rate and type of the desired packaging.
  • Packing in Box: Now packs are put under final packaging operation and then are boxed. 
  • Testing and Inspecting: Specifications and details of products are evaluated and measured strictly at various stages.
  • Controlling Final Product: After manufacturing, producing and packaging operation, product is monitored based on ISO standards related to packing saffron and results are registered by inspector of QC Department at the pertinent forms.

I have never come across such a wonderful smelling and wonderful looking saffron till I opened my parcel from Saffron Market. It is the most exquisite looking saffron I have purchased. The aroma is so powerful that I could smell it while the postie was handling it to me.

– Sophia

“We are proud of our work and we work very hard to make sure that firstly you receive the very best quality saffron.”

Faren – Director