Saffron, A Natural Mood Balance Supplement

saffron flower

A recent study has shown that saffron has the ability to effectively treat anxiety and mild depression.

Adolescents were given 14mg of patented saffron supplement or a placebo twice daily over the course of eight weeks. (A placebo is anything that seems to be a “real” medical treatment, but isn’t because they do not contain an active substance meant to affect health.)

The results showed that teens taking saffron experienced a 33 per cent improvement in mood, compared to only 17 per cent in people taking the placebo.

“This study has shown that saffron has the potential to be an effective treatment with very few side effects for anxiety and depression in adolescents,” study co-author and Murdoch University researcher, Dr Adrian Lopresti says.

“Saffron was particularly effective in reducing symptoms associated with separation anxiety, depression and social phobia, and participants reported a reduction in headaches over the eight weeks as well.”

Saffron appears to be better than a placebo and just as effective as fluoxetine but may act quicker and without any side effects.

Saffron’s wide range of benefits doesn’t just stop there, it has been traditionally used in Chinese and Iranian medicines for regulation of the menstrual cycle, and it may help to relieve PMS symptoms.

One randomized controlled trial examined as part of the research review demonstrated that found that women with regular menstrual cycles experiencing premenstrual syndrome who took 30mg/d of saffron supplementation for eight weeks reported relief in premenstrual symptoms and depression levels compared to placebo.

In conclusion, saffron delivers important health benefits such as;

–       Enhancing positive moods

–       Reducing negative feelings

–       Increasing vigour

–       Reducing stress and anxiety

–       Regulation of the menstruation cycle

–       Reduce symptoms of PMS

–       Stimulate blood circulation

–       Treat disorders of the nervous system

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