Saffron Eyesight Benefits

Saffron may hold one of the keys to preventing loss of sight in old age.

Saffron has remarkable effects and helps restore the structure and function of retinal cells for aging people. Scientists have discovered that saffron can be used to fight against ocular diseases. The number one reason as to why saffron is so beneficial is the antioxidant carotenoids it carries. Crocetin and crocin are the two primary carotenoids that are found in saffron, these carotenoids protect your retina and repair other cells to help eyesight. Using saffron is a great way to regain your vision.

Despite saffron having a wide variety of potential uses, doctors and researchers have recently been focused on one aspect, using saffron to treat ocular diseases. Researchers have begun doing extensive studies on Safran’s effectiveness in fighting these diseases. These studies had two groups of test subjects. Both groups suffered from macular degeneration, one of the most common ocular diseases in the world. One group was administered a pill that contained saffron, while the other was simply giving a placebo.

Test results showed that the group that was given the saffron pills experienced an increase in their ability to see, making the test successful. Results like these give hope to the idea that we can stop ocular diseases and save people’s eyesight, and saffron is more than likely at the front of it.

Professor Bisti says it has been shown in animal models that a saffron diet will protect the eye from the damaging effects of bright light – something we all suffer whenever we go out in the sun and is active in affecting genetic diseases of the eye, such as retinitis pigmentosa, which can cause life-long blindness in young people.

For eye health benefits, one needs to take around 20 mg of high-quality saffron and authentic saffron per day with strictly no artificial dyes and food colors. Saffron supplementation like tablets or capsules is not necessary because it can easily be added to food or prepared as a tea. There are plenty of different recipes online using saffron that is sure to satisfy your taste buds while helping your eyesight.