Can Saffron Help You Sleep?

Can’t sleep or suffering from insomnia? Try Saffron

It is believed that pure saffron has a very good effect for people suffering from wakefulness which is just another health benefit of this wonderful spice. Why?

Because saffron contains mild sedative properties that help treat the problem of insomnia. Many recommend drinking saffron infused milk at night before going to bed.

Did you know that Insomnia is the most common sleep disorder?

According to studies, one-third of the whole population suffers from wakefulness. There are many factors that may cause the inability to sleep such as stress, anxiety, caffeine, breathing problems, our sleeping environment and so forth. However multiple studies have shown saffron to be an effective aid to those suffering with sleep disorders.

“An herb is a friend of the physicians and a praise of the cooks” 

Celebrated top chef, María José claims “Saffron is the sleeping pill!”. “If you put saffron on your tongue it will fall asleep. I remember when my kids were small and their teeth were coming out, my mother would say: ‘You have to put saffron on their teeth.’ It has the same effect on the stomach.”

Saffron is a highly regarded spice not only in the cooking world, but is now reaching new heights of appreciation as a result of recent studies on its numerous superfood health benefits, such as combating insomnia. Saffron is harvested by hand, and extremely difficult to harvest, making it one of the world’s most expensive spices.

So, how does this royal herb work? Saffron contains mild sedative properties that help promote calmness and induce sleep, helping you naturally treat insomnia. There are many prescription drugs out there that may help with sleep disorders, but often leave you with many negative and unwanted side effects. Saffron is made from a plant, making it a natural, organic remedy for fighting insomnia. 


1) Steep 10-15 strands of Saffron (a pinch) in a cup of warm milk. 

2) Drink it at night before going to bed.

Saffron Milk

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