Saffron May Ease PMS Symptoms

Saffron, the most natural way to relief from menstrual cramps

What most people may not know is that in Iran, Spain, Greece, Italy, and India many women have used Saffron to relieve premenstrual syndrome (PMS) symptoms since ancient times because it is a good natural alternative to over the counter medicines and can be a quick home remedy.

Saffron is the most effective herb that reduces pains and relieves menstrual cramps because low serotonin is a contributing factor of PMS and saffron restores the healthy level of serotonin in the body. Not only will it relieve menstrual cramp pains but also helps treat other PMS symptoms such as irritability, headaches, cravings, anxiety, and ease blood flow, all of which are common during periods. The anti-inflammatory properties of saffron are naturally therapeutic and both consumed or smelled. However, we recommend trying these two quick and easy to make saffron drinks;

Saffron Tea: Since saffron is a very soothing, therapeutic herb, a hot cup of saffron infused tea before heading off to sleep can be just the thing to ease your menstrual cramps and help you drift off to a comforting sleep.

Saffron Milk: saffron milk is prepared by steeping 2-3 strands of saffron in a cup of warm milk for about 5 to 10 minutes. To this milk you can add sugar or honey as per your taste. Some people also add a handful of nuts and aromatic spices to give the beverage a chunky-nutty flavour.

According to the book, ‘Healing Spices’ by Dr. Bharat Aggarwal, a report published in the Journal of Midwifey and Women’s Health, researchers studied 180 women, aged 18 to 27 years, who suffered from menstrual cramps, dividing them into three groups. For three menstrual periods, one group received a daily herbal remedy containing 500 milligrams of saffron; another group received a steroidal medicine and the third group received a placebo. Both the groups taking saffron and non-steroidal medicine had a significant reduction in the intensity and duration of pain during the periods as compared to the third group taking placebo. Another study published in BJOG: An International Journal of Obstetrics and Gynaecology suggested that saffron proved to be effective in relieving the symptoms of PMS.