Saffron, The Superfood Of All Superfoods

The term “Superfood” is used a lot, but what does it actually mean? The official definition just means a food that is nutrient dense. Saffron is considered a superfood because of its medically researched rich nutrients, and powerful antioxidants. Not only does it stand out as a superior spice because of its rich colour and aroma, but also because of its endless health benefits such as its cancer fighting properties, mood boosting, reduces PMS symptoms, aids in weight loss, lowers blood sugar levels and improve eyesight.

To add even more to the saffron health benefits list as a superfood, saffron contains volatile oils and carotenoid compounds. Both have shown to have powerful antioxidant capabilities, slowing and inhibiting the growth of tumors. Research has also shown that saffron is helpful in protecting the kidneys from toxin damage, and can reduce the side effects of the chemotherapy drug called cisplatin. Saffron may also improve neurological conditions such as memory loss by boosting glutathione levels and protecting the fatty tissue that composes the brain.

This spice pairs well with any kind of dish, whether is savoury or sweet which makes it extremely easy to add to your diet. So if you ever need a boost, there are plenty saffron recipes online but first, you should make sure you purchase the best quality saffron so you can get all the health benefits.

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